Relining Pipes Cost

Find out how our pricing model works and everything that’s involved in invoicing our services.
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How Much Does Reclining Pipes Cost?

One of the most common questions our support team receives is “How much will relining pipes cost?”, and we understand why. When most people first discover damage to their pipes or water system, they instantly picture pricey excavations, demolitions and lengthy service times. At Canberra Pipe Relining, we strive to offer affordable services without compromising quality.

How Do We Price Our Services?

By specialising in offering services that don’t require excavation or demolition, we are able to price our services lower than traditional plumbing solutions. Our pricing model is based on several factors including:
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Existing system
Before we can begin repairs, we need to analyse your existing system. The size and layout of your existing pipes will factor into your drain relining cost as we need to create a matching solution
Size of the repair
The length and size of the pipe that requires repair will also help factor in the cost of our service. Longer and larger pipes require more material, time and testing which can increase the cost of our service.
The cost of our service depends on which service is required for your repair. We offer several services including pipe relining, junction liners, pull-in-place liners and inversion pipe lining. Depending on which service is needed, the price of your service may vary.
Number of junctions
Depending on your system, you may have several junctions, or you may have none. Junctions are joints in your pipe that divide water flows in separate directions. These can be complex to repair and they can increase the price of your service.
Other factors
Unexpected damage and wear can appear when our technicians evaluate your system. Depending on the nature of these additional repairs, you may be charged for extra services and materials.